OVS offers a variety of knives useful for specialty ag crops. Budding and grafting knives, ring knives, hedging shears and harvest knives are all available.

Budding and grafting knives:

The Tina grafting and pruning knives are available at OVS.

         626-11: a heavy duty all purpose pruning knife, 3” blade

         605: a very popular folding gardening and grafting knife, 2 1/2 inch blade folds into
    a 4 inch walnut handle

         685: a stationary grafting knife, 2 1/4” blade, 6 1/2” overall length

         600A12: a heavy duty grafting knife, folding 3” blade with a 4 ” walnut handle

OVS also stocks grafting and bud tape and supplies, and Doc Farwells or Henry’s tree seal grafting compound. Call for details!

Hedging Knives/Shears:

OVS stocks the Brushking and Mohawk machetes for use in the Christmas tree industry, for vineyards and also for removing blackberry brush from your farm!

Five Brushking models are available. This German stainless steel blade retains an edge for a long time, and it sharpens well with a steel sharpener. The wood handles in the newer models are banded with a rubber protective cover over the rivets to decrease the chance of breaking at the rivet.  The light weight of these knives minimizes user wrist and forearm fatigue and allows for heavy weight shearing. Brushking offers handle lengths of 10 inches and 18 inches in both the razor and serrated styles. Blades are one inch high and 16  inches long. Handles are strong, light weight wood.

The Mohawk shear is carbon steel. While it may not retain the sharp edge of the Brushking, it has less tendency to chip or break.  Handle lengths are 12” or 16” with 16” blades.

OVS also stocks two styles of Shearing Chaps. One is made from reinforced nylon ballistic cloth. The other is plastic. Call for pricing and availability!

Ring knives

These rings with magnesium blades are used for cutting twine, vinyl tye and tye tape as well as other tying material. Available in a variety of ring sizes: 8 to 14.  Note: If used on the pointer finger, a larger ring size than your ring finger may be required.

Grape harvest knives

OVS stocks the blue-handled grape knife, with a slightly curved serrated 3” blade.  An economical harvest tool with quantity discounts.

To ask questions, get information, or place orders, contact us at

1-800-653-2216 and ask for McMinnville or Aurora Ag Supplies

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