Results Partners (RP)
Vineyard Development and Management
Unparalleled management depth and scope
Contact: Daniel, President    503-437-3037

Vineyard Development
Vineyard Design and Planning
Land Clearing
Ground Preparation
Soil Amending
Drainage Installation
Layout / Trellis Installation
Irrigation Installation
Erosion Control
Cost estimates for vineyard develop-
    ment, management and retrofits

Vineyard Consultation
Complete vineyard site suitability
    studies as pre-purchase due diligence
    for prospective buyers or land
    valuation tool for prospective sellers
Pest, disease, canopy, trunk and root,
    & soil evaluation and related remedies
General grape quality enhancement
Current grape market trends & pricing

Vineyard Management
Farming Philosophy
Canopy Management
Vineyard Floor Management
Spray Applications and
Equipment Maintenance
Harvest Services
Transportation Services
Grape Contract Services
Vineyard Analysis
Custom Farming
Vineyards, Berries, Orchards
and Open Field Applications
Custom Pruning
Fence Installation
Cover Crop Seeding
In-Row Cultivation

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Sustainable Farming Practices

At Results Partners we take pride in producing top quality grapes for the region's best wineries while maintaining the integrity of the vineyards we manage with sustainable farming practices.

LIVE/SalmonSafe    Organic    Biodynamic

Operational Reviews for Previous Years, as presented in RP Cover Letters 2008 - 2009 - 2010 - 2011

Contact Us!  Results Partners, call Daniel at 503-437-3037 or Evan at 503-437-0372

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