Welcome! The following "2012 OVS Grape Day Presentations"
are available for download by clicking on the files of interest...


The presentations are PowerPoint files in Zipped format for smaller
downloads and displayed here in alphabetical order.
* Large File - Please be patient!
Welcome, Grape Day 2012 58kb
Bayer CropScience * 18.8Mb
* 1.2Mb   
Chemical weed management using Pre-emergents * 13.8Mb
Generic Chemistries 320kb
Grape Ripening Trials 755kb
OVS' Unique Approach * 4.6Mb   
Oil Wash * 2.0Mb   
Pinot Leaf Curl (PLC) * 5.3Mb   
Weather Forecasting in the Pacific Northwest * 15.1Mb
OVS 2012 Spray Programs 765kb
Vivando Prowl H20 Presentation * 13.9Mb

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