Corporate Responsibility

At OVS, we care about our community and environment. We partner with sustainable suppliers and work to continuously improve our supply chain operations.

We are committed to occupational safety, ensuring our teams are following safety protocols on every job site. We provide personal protective gear and pride ourselves on our safety standards. We strive to continue adding sustainable product lines and suppliers to our growing list of partners. Our custom water system design provides sustainable water usage opportunities for growers around the Pacific Northwest.

Giving Back

Our teams actively engage in community support and lend a hand in times of need. We continue to support our community through philanthropy, volunteering, funding, donations and corporate responsibility. We proudly support local soccer teams and youth organizations! We support growers' family scholarships. We buy locally grown produce to help support the growers that support us! We proudly sponsor local grower meetings and sustainable vineyard organizations. We continuously strive to improve our community in any way we are able to!

Recent Activities: