Cool April Beginnings

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Good Friday — March 28, 2024
California’s turn for rain - again.  What will the PNW be like as March spins down its last days?  We have hints with our morning Mug ☕️.
As noted, the current west coast storm is spinning its way into CA today, setting up a damp Easter weekend to our south.  A few wrap-around clouds & showers are on tap primarily over eastern OR this Good Friday, with temperatures on the cool side for this time of year.  The dry pattern will hold through this weekend, with scattered cloudiness, at times.  Not too bad for a very early EASTER.
Temperatures will rebound a bit early next week, with High pressure ridge positioned favorably to yield dry, mild wx for a couple of days.  Not an April Fool’s joke.  However, similar to last week, Wed Apr 3 will usher in another COLD front from the NW, setting up additional cold afternoons, intense showers Wed & Thu.  This is cold air, folks, so snow levels will likely drop to 1,000 ft or even lower for a bit.  The cold air will also shift south into CA following the Easter rains there, so Patrons in both the PNW & CA will experience cold mornings late next week.  Frost possible, if the sky clears in your location.  
As the first weekend of April 2024 arrives, so, too, will another chilly, wet system from the NW.  This will not be a strong storm, by any means, just damp and cold for April.  Lingering showers possible Mon & Tue Apr 8,9.  The good news is that a slow warm-up period will begin Wed Apr 10.  Yep, dry and gradual warming through the balance of that week, setting up an absolutely awesome weekend Apr 13,14.  Temps in the high 60s to mid-70s across much of the great PNW.  Oh, how we wish for this to verify!
For those interested (yes, we do have several Patrons in the Midwest) - wx for the Total Solar Eclipse Monday April 8 is now looking cloudy & damp over TX, dry with maybe a few clouds over the Eclipse path in AR, MO, IL, IN.  This could change again.
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