Trellising is the preferred growing method for professional and commercial growers. It allows for increased sunlight exposure, pollination ease, air circulation, ease of harvest and increased yield. Bringing over 50 years of trellising experience to the table, our team offers custom designs and standard trellising options. With a team of exceptional and experienced engineers, we designed and patented the revolutionary SmartNotch® vertical line post and crossarms – allowing growers to harvest with ease manually or mechanically.

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Trellis Design

• Orchard

• Vineyard

• Caneberry

• Other crops

Trellis Types

• Wine grape VSP (vertical shoot positioning)

• Hoop trellis

• V trellis (steel or wood)​

• Vertical trellis (steel or wood)

• Compass trellis (OVS trademark & patent)

• Flat overhead (kiwi)

• Table grape​, Hops, and Caneberries

Structure Design

• Shade structure design​

• Netting structure design​

• Hoop house structure design

• Rain cover structure design

• Hail/wind protection structure​ design

• Bird & bee netting structure design

Key Crops

Apples, Wine Grapes, Cherries, Citrus, Pears, Table Grapes, Stone Fruit, Blueberries, Olives, Kiwis, and Caneberries

Wine Grape Trellis

Apple Trellis

Cherry Trellis

Citrus Trellis

Blueberry Trellis

Kiwi Trellis

Stone Fruit Trellis

Hops Trellis

Products We Offer


Wood posts, metal posts, t-posts, fence posts, end posts, vertical line posts and orchard stakes.


High tensile and soft wire. Catch wire, cordon wire, and drip irrigation wire.

Training Stakes

Bamboo, rebar, pencil rod, and fiberglass stakes.


Various lengths, rod sizes, and helix sizes.

Tree & Vine Protection

Tree tubes, grow tubes, vine protectors, and tree paint.

Wire Tensioners

Wire vises, wire link, crimping sleeves, wire tighteners, Gripple, and more.

Crossarms & Fasteners

Barbed Staples

Clips & Sleeves

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