Trellising Design

OVS has a team of trellis & fencing experts ready to custom design for a variety of crops and sizes.

The high-density apple V-trellis system, pictured above, was custom designed by our OVS trellis experts. We also specialize in custom citrus, stone fruit, caneberry, vineyard and orchard trellising.

OVS carries a variety of end posts, training stakes, and trellising options. If we don't have what you're looking for, our creative team will be pleased to build a custom design to meet your needs.

Recent Projects

V Trellis for Apples

Yakima, Washington

Trellis for Grapes

Fresno, California

Hoop Trellis for Apples

Yakima, Washington

Trellis for Blueberries

McMinnville, Oregon

Trellis for Hops

Woodburn, Oregon

Vertical Trellis for Hazelnuts

Yakima, WA

Trellis for Apples

Sodus, New York

Trellis for Blueberries

Lynden, Washington

VSP Trellis for Grapes

Boonville, California

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