Trellis Supplies & Hardware

Professional grade supplies for high-quality trellising and fencing projects.

New Trellis Installation

Drone footage of a recent new trellis installation in Napa & Sonoma counties, CA. Trellis supplies provided by Orchard & Vineyard Supply.

Products We Offer

End Posts

Metal and wood end posts available.

Line Posts

Wood and metal line posts available.


High tensile and soft wire. Catch wire, cordon wire, and drip irrigation wire.


Various lengths, rod and helix sizes.

Training Stakes

Bamboo, rebar, pencil rod, and fiberglass stakes.

Wire Tensioners

Wire vises, wire link, crimping sleeves, wire tighteners, Gripple, and more.

Crossarms & Fasteners

Tree & Vine Protection

Tree tubes, grow tubes, vine protectors, and tree paint.

Clips & Sleeves

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