Irrigation Automation

Save on labor and efficiently water your crop.

OVS can install most available irrigation automation products in the market. Our focus recently has been on Nelson Twig and WiseConn systems for their reliability, ruggedness, and agricultural solution focus.

Along with installation, we can also maintain and service any of these systems as well as train your personnel to use them.

Commercial Irrigation Automation

Save time, energy, and labor costs by automating your system for your commercial crops.

Automation Systems We Offer

Nelson Twig

• Turn valves on/off from the comfort of a mobile/tablet app

• Very rugged, heavy-duty design for Ag use

• Twig Master Controller unit includes digital inputs and
relays for pump control

• Ethernet connectivity

• Line of sight 900MHz radio network

• AC powered (solar package available)

WiseConn DropControl

• Remotely monitor real time field data (moisture, pressure, and flow) using a variety of soil moisture sensors

• Built in cell modem available for remote communication

• On board solar panel for constant power source

• Multiple digital/analog inputs and outputs available per
unit for modular deployment

• Ability to control via desktop interface

• In depth reporting capabilities

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