Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is quickly becoming the most efficient way to water your row crop applications and is commonly used on crops such as grapes, blueberries, raspberries, black caps, hazelnuts, and other orchards. Drip tubing often comes in 1,000 ft. rolls, however, various sizes are available. The tubing can be rolled across the top of the ground, suspended to posts and cables above crops or installed sub-surface. Most drip tubing has pre-installed emitters to release water to your plants from the mainline tubing. The emitters' flow rate and spacings are determined before ordering. This product can also be ordered without emitters, which can be punched in at a later time.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Increase efficiency of water delivery by over 20% compared to sprinkler systems. Drip irrigation delivers water directly where your plant needs it.

Reduce water usage by over 30% in comparison to sprinkler systems.

Drip irrigation can greatly reduce the amount of flow and pressure needed compared to overhead irrigation. This means we can use smaller pumps, smaller mainlines, reduce water consumption and save energy.

We provide design of new systems, sales and installation of drip systems and associated equipment.

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