Code of Conduct

Our Vision

At OVS, we believe that businesses can be successful, in fact, thrive, only when there is a healthy focus on the community, customers and environment that we live in.

We also believe that businesses must be proactive in promoting sustainable business practices and increasing social responsibility efforts.

We hope you will join us in our journey to improve the well-being of our community!


The code of conduct is holistic in nature and focuses on the end-to-end value stream for providing product to our end users. In the code, “suppliers” refers to the suppliers who ship directly to OVS and their respective supply chain partners (carriers, raw materials, and different tiers within the value stream).


Core Values:

  • Tell the Truth
  • Maintain Commitments
  • Treating Others with Dignity/Respect
  • Building Relationships
  • Above All, Act with Integrity
Local Legal Requirements

Suppliers are expected to comply with applicable laws and regulations. This code of conduct is not intended as a substitute. In the event there is a conflict, suppliers should comply with local laws and regulations.

Guiding Principles

Our core values within the supply chain are critical with how we do business, but we also reviewed several other rules that pertain to good stewardship for our customers and the environment we live and work in.

  • All applicable laws and local regulations
  • ISO Guidance on Social Responsibility
  • International Bill of Human Rights
  • International Labor Organization
  • International Labor Standards
  • ILO Code of Practice and Safety/Health

Our commitment to the community is to continue partnering with sustainable suppliers, carriers and vendors to help reduce our footprint. We understand the impact companies have on the environment and we aim to reduce that harm in any way possible. We expect the same consideration from the companies we work with.