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OVS is your trusted growing supply partner — we keep going so you can keep growing.

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Irrigation Design

Get your plants the water they need with custom irrigation design by OVS.

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Are Your Crops Protected?

Go the extra mile to ensure your hard work isn't lost to hungry wildlife.

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We have 18 retail locations in Washington, Oregon, California, and New York.

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New Products Coming Soon

Patent pending products, new to the market, that are designed to help you grow more.

Compass Trellis

Select, vary and change the angles of your V system to optimize crop yield, quality and labor savings. Patent pending.

SmartNotch® Crossarms

Crossarms that are fully compatible with certain mechanical pruning machines, eliminating the need for external clips and hooks. Patent pending.

Irrigation & Water Systems

Providing a full line of irrigation products, allowing for simple or complex designs for vineyards, orchards, hops, farms or even backyard systems.

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Custom Irrigation Design, Installation & Service

Looking for a custom irrigation design? Our designers use a variety of software platforms to create custom designs, crop mapping, installation planning and flow rates to properly and efficiently irrigate your crop.

Pumps & Electric Motors

The OVS pump team has decades of expertise in repairing, maintaining, replacing and improving agricultural pumps.

Drip Irrigation


Water Storage & Treatment


Trellising products and services to build standard or custom-design trellising for fruit orchards, vineyards, hops, blueberries and more.

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Trellis Design

Custom trellis design for any application, done by our experts.

Trellis Supplies & Hardware

Posts, wire, earth anchors, training stakes and more.

Tree & Vine Protection

Grow tubes, tree tubes, vine protectors and tree paint.

Crop Training

Training stakes, tying, training tools, clips and accessories.


OVS offers a range of agronomic services including liquid applications, pH balance, soil nutrition, crop protection, custom blends and more. Organic and traditional blends available. Availability differs by location.

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Field & Testing Services

Crop Protection

Crop Nutrition

Dust Control

Agricultural Fabrics

We carry a wide variety of fabrics to give your crops optimal growing conditions and increase your yields, quality, and profitability.

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Ground Cover

Weed mat, plastic mulch, reflective film, white reflective cloth and installation tools.

Seasonal & Weather Protection

Reflective film, white reflective cloth, hail protection, wind screens, bee netting and shade cloth.


Custom structures built for your orchard and vineyard to ensure protection from weather and pests.


Bird netting, bee netting and insect netting. Specialty netting for spotted wing drosophila and other pests.

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