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Friday March 8
We love it when wx models revert back to their earlier projections.  Such is the case forming the basis of this forecast.  Get your Mug ready, there’s good news.
A chilly, damp weekend is upon us, with rain moving in later tonight (north-to-south) and tomorrow.  Snow in the mountains, where we like it, and cold showers at the surface throughout the weekend.  Monday will present another round of rain & subsequent showers.  Breezy at times.
🌼 🌸 🪴 Beginning Tue Mar 12, clearing will begin from the north, with the start of a much-needed DRY SPELL that is charting to last well over a WEEK begins.  Indeed.  Temperatures will also be mild-to-warm, notching up a few degrees throughout the period.  People, plants, animals, and well, whatever, will all be exuberant.  The dry period will last long enough to allow soils to dry-down for growers & gardeners to work the land in prep for plantings, fertilizing, etc.  Early Spring blossoms will explode with color; trees will leaf-out; lawns will get mowed.  Coats put away.  Alright, admittedly, your host is getting a bit too carried away.  It is justified, if the models verify.  
Key Point: after Tue Mar 12, the dry pattern should extend past the first day of Spring (Wed Mar 20) and hold into Fri Mar 22.  Temps will work into the high 50s, then the 60s, and possibly the low 70s, esp southern OR.
St Patrick’s Day is now trending dry & pleasantly warm.  All the green will be spring growth.  Naturally.
The weekend of Mar 23,24 is trending wet, with mild temperatures.  
We all know these wx outlooks are subject to change, but for now, let’s be ready for an exuberant start to Spring 2024. 
“Happiness is like your shadow.  Run after it and you will never catch it, but keep your face to the sun and it will follow you.”  
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