Hot Daze Ahead

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Friday August 6
As often happens, the model outlook for next week has changed since our last report.  Get your Mug ready.  Here goes - - -
Summer Relief: cool, pleasant weekend ahead, with some showers, mainly north of Portland.  Clouds & SW breezy, as well.  Temps will begin to ramp back up after the weekend.  Yes, the opposite of earlier expectations (sounds like ‘economics chatter’).  Temperatures next week will top out in the upper 90s or low 100s for portions of western OR, a tad cooler up north.  Still, a heat wave type pattern.  The hot pattern could extend through the following weekend, although temps should drop a few degrees from peak highs of Aug 11,12.  (Yes, Patrons in BC will experience some heat.)  Yikes.
Sunshine city & warm-to-hot Aug 9 through Aug 25.  Some days will be hotter than others, as the onshore flow will vary, as will smoke issues.  No chance for precip is charted from Monday through at least Wed Aug 25.  Let’s hope THAT outlook changes.  None of this is favorable for fire concerns.  Double Yikes.
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