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Friday November 10
Rather standard fall weather ahead.  Little bits of rain, sun, fog, and snow?  Let’s take a look.
Most of the precip this weekend will fall onto western WA & southern BC.  Portions of the Willamette Valley and OR coast will get some rain later tonight (Fri) into Saturday.  Breezy.  A weak front is also charting for late Sunday into Monday.  Seasonal temps.  
Next week is trending drier & partly sunny after Mon, excluding the typical foggy-bottoms areas in the valley.  California will be the main ‘rain play’ over the next week or so, as the upper-level winds will direct storm action to the Golden State.  Some precip is charting for the southern OR area (mainly moisture rotating north from CA systems); the rest of the PNW should remain mostly dry, cool after Tue.
The weekend before Thanksgiving week is looking to be mixed, with showers over the west side of Cascades.  No real organized front is modeled, at this time.
🦃 Thanksgiving Week:  Turning wet before sunrise Monday, then COLDER (!!) as models indicate the potential for the coldest air mass this fall dropping over the eastern Pacific and then moving over the PNW.  A decent shot of moderate rainfall Monday, with snow levels dropping well below the passes in the Cascades.  The position of the Low pressure center is key, but right now, we may actually see a few snowflakes mixed in with the rain at the surface later on Monday into Tuesday night (Nov 20,21).  Keep your Mug handy for our updates.  The ‘freak’ storm will be over fast, with partial clearing and lingering showers Tue & Wed, Nov 21,22.   Thanksgiving Day is trending mostly DRY and a bit warmer than earlier in the week.  
Post Thanksgiving weekend is just coming into ‘view’ on the charts — looks WET and blustery, esp over western WA and BC.   Lots of time to tighten up the forecast for Thanksgiving & Black Friday in upcoming forecasts.
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