Rain on the Far Horizon

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Friday September 23
Lots to cover today, so let’s start with a full Mug.  Ready?
Dry pattern across the PNW continues, with a cool ‘frontal boundary’ bringing in some cloudiness and maybe a shower over the far NW corner of WA & Vancouver Island today.  This will clear out as the weekend gets going.  High pressure will build in for a WARM weekend, esp by Sunday.  That ridge will hold into next week, so expect plenty of sunshine and WARM temperatures.  Yes, 90s are possible for portions of OR and southern WA, 80s in portions of the Puget Sound.  
Middle of next week: the current atmospheric pattern may begin shift on Wed the 28th.  We can expect a weak front to bring some precipitation mainly from north of Portland into BC.  There is a chance that this system will fizzle out and not be much of a factor.  Either way, it will cool off to a day or two.  By Friday, we expect that dry ridge of High pressure to again rebuild, ushering in another round of warm days.  
There is a Low that should track south off the PNW coast and have impact in CA for the first weekend of October.  Wrap-around moisture could move into southern OR for showers and/or thunderstorms on Sunday, and expand northward into WA by Monday the 3rd. 
Indications are for a series of systems to finally begin dotting the PNW will rainfall as that first week of October progresses.   The Oct 8,9 weekend looks WET, with much cooler temperatures arriving.  Fall.  Dare we believe?
????Topical Tropical: hurricane FIONA will strike Nova Scotia/Newfoundland Canada early Saturday with a ferocious blow - probably of historic damaging proportions.  The name GASTON was assigned to another Atlantic storm well out to sea; therefore, the tropical system that will enter the Gulf of Mexico later this week could be named HERMINE (or IAN, depending on activity just west of Africa).  This storm will be the first major hurricane to strike the US this season.  Projected landfall location of this likely Cat 3 storm has been quite variable, as expected.  The majority of model solutions target the west coast of FL, somewhere from the panhandle down to Tampa area.  We are keeping Patrons in FL well informed ahead of the crazy media blitz that will crank up this week.
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"Last Call”.  Tomorrow, your host will represent The Weather Café®️as a team member of the Mennonite Village retirement community here in Albany.  Café Patron donations are now at the $3,690 mark.  Let’s beat our goal of $4,000, shall we?.  Tomorrow's Mid-Valley's Walk to End Alzheimer’s event will be in Corvallis.  
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