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Monday August 14
Yes, relief from the heat is coming soon - like this weekend.  In the meantime, cold Mugs rule.
Triple-digit temps & upper 90s on tap for just about everywhere in western OR & WA (coast excluded) for the rest of this week.  Tue will likely be the hottest day; Fri will be relatively cooler, as the pattern begins to shift towards favorable summer temperatures over the weekend.  Some record high temps for August have already been reached; more may be broken on Tue.  As noted, Fri looks to the lead the PNW into a cooler pattern for the coming weekend, as a mild, onshore breeze sets up when a cool NW air mass drops in to provide relief.   Showers or thunderstorms along the Cascades will kick-up, too, esp Sunday & Monday
The first 2 days of next week are trending cooler, with thunderstorms across the eastern basins and slopes of the Cascades, both OR & WA.  Let’s hope enough moisture reaches the surface to blunt lightning fires.  By mid-week, it will begin to heat up again, with temps back into the upper 90s in western OR on Thu & Fri; a few degrees cooler to the north.  Desert monsoon moisture will begin to ride north, setting up the classic August storm pattern over the Cascades.  Night light show is possible Fri & Sat evenings.  Some storm cells may drift over the Willamette Valley.  
The last weekend of August is currently looking seasonally warm, with thunderstorms along the Cascades.  Note: there have been a few solutions bringing showers & rain over western OR & WA that weekend.  We’ll see what verifies as the time nears.
Keep cool and safe. 
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