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🇺🇸 Memorial Day 2024 🇺🇸
We tip our Mugs honoring those that gave their lives in the service of our Nation.
The weather for the next 17 days (through June 12) is generally split between two zones, if you will.  1) Puget Sound, southern BC, Vancouver Island; 2) south of roughly Chehalis and east of the Cascades, both WA & OR, along with ID.  Here’s the rundown, as of today, May 27.
1) NW WA area & BC.  ☔️ Cloudy & wet at times every day except:
  • Dry today, May 27
  • Dry this coming Thursday - Saturday, May 30 - Jun 1
  • Dry Fri - Sunday Jun 6-9.  (STORMY east side of WA & over ID on Fri & Sat Jun 7,8.)
2) S of Chehalis & east sides.  ☀️ Sunny with mild-to-warm temps every day except:
  • Wet tomorrow -Tuesday & early Wednesday May 28,29
  • Wet Monday & Tuesday Jun 3,4 (mainly cloudiness south of Salem
  • Wet Monday - Wednesday Jun 10-12. 
For all the PNW - the Jun 7-9 period could be the warmest consecutive run of days thus far in 2024.  Early yet to peg this forecast, as models have inconsistently hinted a ’summer ridge’ building into the region, from the south.  Stay tuned.
Bottom line — over the next 2 weeks, the Puget Sound corner of the PNW looks to be more wet than dry, with the opposite pattern for areas south of that zone.
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