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Friday September 17
The long awaited fall storm is now moving onshore over southern BC and WA.  Oregon and the rest of the PNW will be drenched soon.  Sipping from your Mug tomorrow morning with the sound of rain outside will be wonderful.  We will not spend much time on this weekend’s storm, since it has been extensively covered by so many already.  Let’s take a peek at what may arrive AFTER this weekend's soaking.
Cool air will follow behind the storm, so expect a chilly Monday morning.  Most of the storm-front related precip will have moved east by then.  Temperatures will rebound next week, although we'll likely get some clouds & a few showers on Wed, mainly over western WA & BC, as a ridge of High pressure rebuilds over the PNW.  Sunshine should be the rule as the week ends, and throughout the last weekend of September.  In fact, it may turn rather WARM next weekend, all the way north into the Abbotsford area.
The week of Sept 27 - Oct 1 should begin sunny & warm.  By late week, a weak Low may develop and move into northern CA triggering thunderstorms along the southern OR Cascades.  Too early to tell if any boomers will drift over the Willamette Valley.  That system will dampen ID as Oct gets underway.  It will be WARM.  
Please note: earlier model runs were indicating another wet period for southern BC & western WA for the weekend of Sep 25,26 & extending into the following week — while that solution has lost favor, we always caution that Nature often retros-back to early solutions.  Just say’n.
Bottom line:  rain will be a blessing, esp if long-range model runs are correct, and the PNW returns to another extended dry period from Tue Sep 22 through Oct 3.  However, fall crop harvests will benefit.
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Saturday Sept 25 will be the 2021 Walk to End Alzheimer’s.  Our amazing WxCafé Patrons have contributed over $3,700 thus far.  Let’s break over $5,000 this week, shall we?  THANK YOU for the generous ‘Mugs Up' on this worthy cause. 
Lastly, with a circumference of 10 ft. 4 in., the final weight of our giant pumpkin was 533 lb. on Sept 14.  We had 85 folks attend the Weigh-off Ceremony here at Mennonite Village, Albany.  A fun event, for sure.
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