The Good and the Bad

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Friday March 31
Good & Bad weather is on the way.  Mug up!
The Bad.  Wet system moving in today from the north as this is being written.  Moderate rainfall & colder temps post frontal passage.  Snow in the mountains will be heavy, so traveling east or south into CA will require traction devices (some of you had fun with ’tracking’ devices last time!).  Later on Sat, don’t be surprised to see hail or snow/rain mixed at lower elevations, as the air aloft will be cold, setting up strong ‘lift’ whenever the sun peeks through.  Yep, another winter-like weekend.  Air will cool even more on Sunday, so those big, beautiful clouds will likely release more hail & even rumble at times.   The cold front will sweep into CA beginning Sunday evening.  This same cold front will further develop into a major Spring storm as it rolls across the US; presenting strong winds, snow, rain and possible tornadoes 
Next week will start with more of the cold temps, showers - some with hail - and snow below the passes.  Charts indicate a weak damp system swinging past on Good Friday Apr 7, then the GOOD will happen.  Several forecasts ago, models suggested a wonderful, Spring Easter weekend, which was subsequently pushed off the charts.  Well, as we have seen countless times before, the weather will ‘revert’ back to early charting, and wham, a great Easter weekend is now probable.  WARM afternoons, esp on Easter Sunday.  Likely temps will run into the 60s, upper 50s in the far north corner of the PNW.  
The Bad Again.  Moisture returns over Vancouver Island and NW WA later on Monday, then expanding over OR sometime Tue & Wed Apr 11,12.  It will be a warm rain to start, then turn cold again on Thu the 13th.  The cold trough will be rather large and slow to move out (similar to last week), so we can expect chilly showers (maybe with hail again), mountain snow, and ‘put on a jacket’ temps through the weekend of Apr 15,16.  Please note: often when a High pressure ridge sets up over the west coast (think warm, dry in this case), it is slow to break down or move out.  That could happen after our wonderful Easter Sunday, yielding another day or two of truly Spring comfort.  We’ll wait and see.
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