Warming on the way

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Friday May 21
A bit warmer this weekend, with showers possible at times, although not nearly as many as the past 2 days.  Sunday should be the drier of the two.  
Cooler but dry in CA this weekend.   As a Low positions over NW Nevada, thunderstorms become possible along the eastern slopes of the Cascades, esp OR.  Windy for ID potato country.
A pair of weak Lows will drift down the BC coast early next week, so expect a marine cloud deck to hang around in the mornings, along with the chance for a few west side showers.  Cooler Tue & Wed May 25,26, similar to last week, without as many thunderstorms.  Windy east side later on Wed.  A drier air mass sets up as the coming week ends, with sunny skies & mild Spring temps heading into the holiday.
The holiday weekend is trending dry & mild, with the chance for showers over Vancouver Is. on Memorial Day; dry elsewhere, with morning clouds, esp along the coast.  Models have drifted away from the rather warm (upper 70s, low 80s) Saturday; however, we will not rule out that, over the course of the holiday, the region’s temps could range as the warmest in over 10 days.  Hope.
June will start out dry (except for a few showers over Vancouver Island & maybe the far NW corner of WA).  Temperatures should end up a few degrees warmer than the holiday period.  80s possible for portions of OR.  There have been model indications that as the week after Memorial Day progresses, so too will the chance for thunderstorms east of the Cascades.  Patrons east side may experience very powerful storm cells in the Thu - Fri Jun 3,4 period (storms may be INTENSE, resulting in localized flooding / flash flood type concerns - stay alert!).  Windy in ID, stormy too.  Again, this does not show up on all of the model runs, but warrants a mention at this time.
The first weekend in June looks dry west side, with gusty winds over southern OR & northern CA; east side should begin to calm down - if all that storm action verifies.
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