Autumn Rain

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Friday September 22
A wet period is almost upon us.  Also, there have been large swings in the long-range outlook for early October - from quite wet, to dry and warm.  Which will it be?  
Fall officially starts tonight at 10 mins to midnight, so the Autumn Rain period is perfectly timed.  The heaviest rainfall looks to arrive late Sunday through Tue.  Saturday does look cooler, with the steady rain possibly holding off until late day or early evening (earlier for the Puget Sound, north).  It will become rather windy, esp along the coast later on Sunday into Monday.  RAIN will be moderate-to-heavy across the entire western portions of the PNW - with a couple of inches probable in many west side locations.  A good ole’ fashion fall drenching.  
Another storm, although not as wet, is possible on Wed.  A few model runs suggest this one could be a decent wind producer for western OR, but it’s too early to verify.  Overall, conditions should begin to dry down a bit on Thu & Fri next week.  Scattered showers, cool fall temperatures, with an onshore breeze.  The weekend of Sept 30-Oct 1 is trending DRY and warmer.  Here’s where there have been wide swings in the long-range outlook.
For several days, early Oct was trending quite wet & rather stormy; then, models swing back to earlier solutions of dry & summer-like warm.  The latest batch of charts indicate the later.  For now, we’ll lean that direction, with a nice dry stretch of early Oct weather.  Temps in the 70s to upper 80s, depending on how far north one goes during the Oct 2-8th period.  Hazelnut growers could use a dry stretch for harvesting; so too, wine & concord grape harvests.  We’ll try to narrow the actual forecast down, as that time frame nears.  
For now, prep yards, patios, gardens, outdoor furniture for rain & wind — Fall ! 🍁
<< Note: we will present details about the upcoming Annular Solar Eclipse (morning of Oct 14) next week. >>
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