Blow'n in the Wind

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Heading into a holiday weekend, so we’ll try to keep this brief.  Yeah right.  Mug up, Patron.
Sunshine & warmth will be the rule for the next 6 days.  It will turn “hot” early next week, as the overall pattern shifts into an August-type mode for a few days.  Expect temps to pop into the upper 80s & low 90s by Tue & Wed next week.  In the meantime, it should warm into the 80s as the holiday weekend progresses.  Water managers will need to maintain soil moisture, as one of the driest (RECORD dry for some PNW locations) Spring seasons continues into June.
The next cool down should begin on Thu June 3 because the onshore flow (our regional air conditioner) will kick back on again.  Windy (more on this below).  Marine cloud deck could linger, esp for Puget Sound Patrons, with a shower possible over southern BC.   
A change.  The weekend of Jun 5,6 is now trending away from being hot, to being windy & cool.  The dry pattern will continue, although a couple model runs suggest some precip mainly over western WA & BC.  Coolness rolls on into the following week, along with, what will be by then, a pestering wind.  The next time temps warm up, although for only a day or two, will be Wed or Thu Jun 9,10.  Cooler & windy, yet again, for the weekend of Jun 12,13.  Yikes.  All this could change back to warm or hot, but for now, that’s what the models indicate.  And now, the wind —
Many have noticed that this exceptionally DRY Spring has also had more than the usual number of days with winds blowing strong enough to hinder farm applications or even damage tender buds.  While not the ‘dust bowl’ pattern of the Great Plains in the 30s, it has definitely been windy inland from the coast.  Yesterday (May 27), winds around the region sure got some attention.  Your host (one of '3 Pumpkineers' here in Albany) had to provide extra support for the Giant Pumpkin plants being grown in our retirement community gardens (first timers, all).  Hazelnut grower concerns have also been expressed here at The WxCafé (TM) counter.  As noted above, there are several more days ahead of unusually high inland winds.  Double yikes.  There’s always something to battle when in the realm of agriculture, right?  “The answer my friend, is blow’n in the - - -"
Let’s go with mild temps, breezy afternoons in the June 13-15 period.  Oh, and no much needed precipitation.  
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