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Tuesday June 1
Here you go —
HEAT will be the game for a couple more days west of the Cascades; east side will remain in the heat until Fri.  As the weekend arrives, so too will cooler onshore conditions.  The region may experience a few showers over the weekend, esp on Sunday.  Vancouver Is. could get a few showers a bit earlier.  Across the PNW, winds will again pick-up.
Next week will be dry, although the cool air aloft may spur on some showers, esp along the Cascades.  Temperatures will return to mild (60s - 70s; warmer east side later in the week).  Review of the charts for the weekend of June 12,13 indicates WARMER temps, dry. 
Look Patron, the region needs precipitation - this is a drought.  In fact, 64% of PNW is in drought.  Willamette Valley in Severe Drought (drought.gov).  The week of June 14 could really compound the problem.  Here’s why.
Temperatures in the June 14-18 period are charting to build into the 90s and, indeed, triple-digit ranges for many locations, including southern Willamette Valley.  We’ll monitor this closely; we recognize it is 2 weeks out.  Still, should this verify, several crops will be negatively impacted.  Overall, water conservation will be wise, for all.
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