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Friday November 3
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New month.  Revised outlook.  Pour that second Mug full and read on.
Break in the rain today, but it will be short lived.  A wet 3 days will start tomorrow, Saturday.  Rain will be steady, winds blustery and temperatures will lower considerably.  A good book weekend.  A weaker system will spin onshore Mon Nov 5.  Blustery, but not a super-drenching storm.  We still see a dry Wed & Thu next week; cool.  Rather than a return to heavy rainfall, as discussed in our last forecast, the wx models are now indicating the dry cycle of Wed/Thu extending on through the entire weekend of Nov 11,12.  However, there could be increased clouds and a stray shower overnight the 9th into Fri, esp north of Chehalis.  Iffy.  Morning fog, at times.
The ridge of high pressure that may block systems from rolling in off the Pacific is now charting to remain in place until late Mon or Tue Nov 13,14.  Then, the buckets of rain return.  Wed Nov 16 and the following 5 days look very WET.  Inches of rainfall, if models verify.  At least the previous run of dry days will allow watersheds to drain down before the next deluge arrives.  Models did not chart this break several days ago.  
Summary: wet weekend, dry period for possibly a week, then heavy rains return.  Stay tuned, as Nature always throws in her own course of events.
Quip from 16 years ago:  “Chrysanthemum by any other name would be easier to spell."
Feeling much better!
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