Chill then Drench Time

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Monday March 7

Chilly week ahead, with rain returning over the weekend.  Grab that Mug, Patron.
After a rather pleasant Monday, cool conditions, along with a few showers over western OR on tap the early part of this week.  A bit more moisture over NW WA & ID later tomorrow as a cold front rapidly passes from the NW.  This one has cold air support, so Fraser Gap winds will kick-up by Tue night.  Snow levels will drop fast, but per usual, the moisture will be just about gone.  That said, enough may linger to yield a dusting of The White in the foothills ‘about town’.  Frosty and/or foggy again as the week ends.  Thu morning could be the coldest of the week.
By the weekend, another wet system will begin arriving late Saturday, from the north.  Expect rain & showers to dampen the remainder of the coming weekend.  Snow levels will be higher as compared mid-week.  A much more vigorous storm will arrive to start next week.  Windy and moderate rainfall will be the rule from overnight Sunday on through Tue - the Ides of March.  Behind this storm will be a large area of cold air over the eastern Pacific, hence showers later Tue could produce some hail and/or foothill snow.   Jacket chilly.  
A secondary, although weak, cold front may drop by for a St Patrick’s Day visit.  Drat.  We were hoping for a lucky break - mild & dry.  That still remains possible for western OR.  After a relatively dry night on Thu, Fri the 18th will introduce another extended period of precipitation.   
Spring springs forth.  Moderate-to-heavy rain, gusty wind and, at times, feet of snow will be our introduction to Spring 2022.  The Equinox on Sunday March 20th will present wet conditions - which is charting to continue on through the week of Mar 21-25.  While a long way out on the wx timeline, overnight Mon the 21 into Tue may be very windy, esp for western OR.  Don’t be surprised to hear about another ‘atmospheric river’ event that week.  Flooding concerns.
Overall, expect chilly wx for another 10 days or so, before a drenching introduction to Spring 2022.  
“Be like a duck - keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle with all your might under the water."
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