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Monday - Pi Day - 2022
A few changes, as we come to expect, in the long-range outlook, so let’s take a Mug shot.
Wet through Tue, cooling down a few degrees tomorrow.  Wednesday is now trending as mostly dry, with a chance for a shower here-and-there along the western slopes of the Cascades.  St Patrick’s Day should turn damp, from north to south, as a weak system drapes over the PNW (most of the precip should be over western WA, southern BC); mainly cloudiness south of Salem.   The wet Friday system mentioned in our last write-up will arrive a few hours later, setting up a brisk, wet start to the weekend, with snow levels dropping into the foothills by late Saturday.  We may catch rain break starting Sunday (which is the opposite of our last report), with drier, cold air aloft.  FROST probable east of the Cascades Sunday and/or Monday morning, should the sky clear in your location; west side is likely to remain frost-free, but it will be close.   A brisk start to Spring 2022.
The first 3 days of next week are now trending mostly dry for Oregon, wet for northern 1/2 of western WA & BC.early.  It will turn chilly & WET for the Mar 26,27 weekend (note: late model solutions keep it dry Sat the 26th).  A wet & chilly (relatively low elevation snow showers) pattern is charting to continue on into the last few days of March, so don’t expect the ground to dry enough for major farm work.  
Second Cup ☕️☕️.  We’ve all noticed the dramatic swing back & forth of the extended-range model outlooks over the last several months.  What was charting as wet, turns dry, then shifting back again.  For our newer Patrons, such is the nature of this venture.  However, in our opinion, broadly there remains enough overall accuracy in the model trends to warrant our continual presentation of ‘what may happen’.  Stick with us.  The frustration in planning outdoor activities ‘around the weather’ is recognized, especially now, as Spring & Summer unfold this year.
“Courage is contagious.  When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.” -Billy Graham 1964
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