Corner Clippers

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Tax Day 2024
Not the most optimistic day on the calendar, and a Monday, too?  Nonetheless, life is worthwhile with a good Mug in hand.  
The tag line this morning really does describe the overall wx pattern for the next couple of weeks.  Nearly all of the threats for showers will take place over the far NW corner of the great PNW.  The rest of the region should remain dry, with periods of cool temps & warm temps to mix things up.  As of this morning, the next 'broad impact' rain storm will arrive after Friday Apr 26.  Let’s run down the details.
Today through Wed Apr 17, a cold front will clip the Puget Sound area.  Temps will cool considerably as compared to the past couple of days.  A Puget Sound shower or two is possible (rain/snow over Montana).  For the rest of us, some cloudiness and cool temps.  FROST may hit Wed morning, if the sky clears in your location, esp north of Portland and into the eastern basins.  The brisk WEST wind in the Columbia Gorge will switch over a notable EAST wind later in the week.  As the weekend nears, expect warmer temperatures in OR, with a NE wind clearing the clouds away.  Lots of sunshine.
The coming weekend is trending dry & mild.  Temps are not looking quite as warm as previous forecasts predicted; still a decent weekend overall in OR; another cold front will clip the Puget Sound area, so don’t expect Spring type weather in that zone.  Clearing for all the PNW late Sunday, setting up a pleasant start to the week of Apr 22-26.
Earth Day - Apr 22 - looks dry, but not as warm as expected.  60s probable; upper 50s around the Puget Sound.  Wed Apr 24 should be the warmest day that week.  Another “corner clipper” cold front, this time with a fair amount of moisture, will hit the Puget Sound again on Thu Apr 25; mild and dry in OR.  Fri looks dry, mild for all.
The weekend of Apr 27,28 is trending as damp, cool and cloudy.  The first Spring storm in quite some time arrives on Mon Apr 29, setting up a wet week to end April and start the month of May.  Let’s see how this all pans out.  
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