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Friday January 28
Overall, weather for the next couple of weeks will be ’steady’.  Read on for clarification.
The NE winds have helped clear the air of fog for many locations the past 48 hrs - yielding pleasant late January afternoons in the PNW.  By Saturday night the wind will let up as a weak cold front moves in from the NW.   Vancouver Is. & western WA will be first to get some precip (snow in the mountains, rain at sea level), followed by OR from Eugene north by Monday morning.  The air behind the system will be colder, so snow showers could drop to 1,000 ft.  There will not be much moisture carried in, so total amounts will be nominal, esp for NW OR.  Overnight lows should again drop below freezing Tue & Wed morning, if the east wind subsides in your location.  Windy for southern OR, northern CA.   
A strong Fraser Gap outlow has been erased by the models, although winds may pick-up a bit by Tue evening.  Why?  The high pressure ‘Yukon Dome’ is, indeed, following its normal path east of the Rockies, hence the lack of cold ‘outflow’ conditions in this forecast.
As next week nears an end, we could get a return to stillness & foggy bottoms, esp western OR.  Drab.  The weekend of Feb 5,6 is now trending DRY and foggy at times; cold in the far eastern portions of the PNW.  A light touch of precip may arrive for southern BC and the far NW corner of WA by Tue Feb 8, with the next decent shot of rainfall due in around Thu Feb 10.  This system will focus primarily on western WA; showers for NW OR.  Some precip could linger on a daily basis over the Puget Sound through the end of that week.  
Dry with an onshore breeze the weekend of Feb 12,13.  Trending dry & drab again for the week of Feb 14.  Yes, all of this is quite a change from previous expectations.  So it goes.  Weather will be steady and rather bland.  California is charting dry but breezy at times, throughout the entire forecast period.  Bee keepers will be prepping for the 2022 almond pollination period coming up soon.
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