Dry Side Continues

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Monday January 31
End of month 1 of 2022.  The weather ahead will be mostly dry, with colder conditions likely later in Feb.  Let’s take a Mug shot.
Colder air moving in now, so expect showers over the next day or two, with some bringing rain/snow mixed very near sea level, in places.  Most snowfall will remain above 1,000 ft.  
Might be easier to simply list the days that could be damp looking ahead (plus or minus 12 hrs)  
  • Tomorrow Feb 1
  • Fri Feb 4 from NW OR north
  • Maybe a shower or two NW WA on Sunday Feb 6 over Vancouver Is.
  • Tue Feb 15 - could be low snow event, esp NW WA. Some solutions bring cold air/moisture in a bit earlier, on Mon, Valentine’s Day.
Other than that, expect dry conditions and a few frosty mornings, FOG - esp the week of Feb 7-11.  Overall, the PNW could be turning colder around Valentine’s Day - with another clip of cold Canadian air.  We’ll see.
“The beginning is always today.” - Mary Shelley (British author of ‘Frankenstein’)
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