Holiday Peek Ahead

Posted by Rufus La Lone on

4th of July 2022
Brief holiday update.  
Our cool 2022 pattern will remain the overall rule for the next 16 days.  That said, 'summer heat’ will return - only for a couple of days - but you’ll have to wait until next Monday.  In the meantime, a cool onshore breeze will predominate the PNW until then.  The short heat-up next Mon & Tue July 11,12 should present temps in the 90s in portions of western OR; 80s around the Puget Sound, maybe a 90+ here & there.  HOT in California.  Toasty east side, per usual.
Back to the onshore air conditioner by Wed July 13 on through that weekend.  The week of July 18-22 is trending on the mild side.   
Enjoy the holiday.
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