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Monday June 21
Build up your ice supply.  A particularly long streak of hot weather is possible.  The current heat is a tease.  Iced coffee anyone?
The heat today will ease a little bit on Tues, with most of the 'onshore flow' cooling taking place Wed & Thu.  By Fri, temps will begin to rebound into the balcony seats of miserable.  The coming weekend (Jun 26-27) has the chance to be one for the record books, with serious heat arriving across much of the West.  Temps are likely to reach into the upper 90s or lower 100s in many OR west side locations; Patrons in WA will also be hit by the oven, although not quite so hot.  
The key feature we wish to point out in this discussion is that model solutions are indicating the heat-up next weekend could extend through the end of June and into early July.  While if may not be quite as hot as the Jun 26-29 period, temps could remain in the lower 90s in many locations west of the Cascades; hotter east of the Cascades.  California will also continue to, figuratively, melt away in the heat.  Energy usage, brown-outs, water concerns are all going to get magnified across the entire Western 1/3 of the Nation.  High evapotranspiration rates will challenge Agriculture and shallow-rooted landscaping.  Plan accordingly, esp if you are going to be away on vacation.
Generally, a cooling trend is charting for roughly after Jul 5 or 6, west side.  Still hot in the east.  Some model runs bring back a decent onshore flow around the 4th or so, but either way, the overall pattern - between Fri Jun 25th & Jul 5th - isn’t looking good for Patrons that do not like it hot.  We hope the models are totally wrong!
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