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Friday June 18

Ready.  Set.  Roast.  That’s about it for the PNW.  The oven door will be open periodically through the end of June.  Plan your cooling techniques.  
Breezy & warm today.  HEAT this weekend will build up each day, with Sunday the warmer of the two.  Then, Monday will be the hottest day of this round of heat (many locales will hit a record).  Portions of the Willamette Valley have a real chance to top in the triple digit range. Puget Sound could top in the 90s.  But wait there’s more - - 
Cooler temps begin on Tue, although still in the 90s for many, with Wed - Fri providing a short period of ‘closed oven door’ relief.  After that, Nature will open the oven once again.  This time, it will get HOTTER still.  Seriously, the pattern for the period of Jun 26-29 (+/- a day or so) is charting to be one for the record books, potentially.  Triple digit temps possible in many west side locales, and yes, eastern basins.   Onshore winds should begin to ‘air condition’ western locations by late Tue or Wed, Jun 29,30.  It will be WINDY.  Quite Dusty, too, east of the Cascades.  
For the whole period discussed above, Calif Patrons will COOK.  Temperatures in the Golden State will glow golden heat.  Yikes.  >>> Water issues across the entire western 1/3 of the US are going to expand to concerning levels as the summer of 2021 progresses.  
Overall cooling is possible after the 30th, but no measurable rainfall is popping up on the charts.  Early July is trending cool, with chance for morning drizzle or scattered showers for a day or two.  Hopefully.
Another quip from the ’Net:  “A car’s weakest part is the nut holding the steering wheel."
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