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Monday June 14
The rain has refreshed both land and people of the great PNW.  Thank goodness, because the coming dry spell will snap land & people right back into drought concerns.  Got your Mug ready?  Here goes - - 
Additional precipitation is possible today through Tue, before that pesky Low off the coast ‘fills in”.  Expect more sunshine by mid-week, with afternoon temperatures popping right back into summer mode by Thu & Fri.  Recall our Heads or Tails discussion from last week?  Well, Tails it is.   
Model solutions for the coming weekend have resolved away from any moisture or coolness, projecting instead rather warm-to-hot conditions.  In fact, the PNW is likely heading into a heat wave, with afternoon temps jumping into the 90s+ starting Sunday and continuing well into next week.  Coastal locations may get relief from an onshore breeze to mitigate the heat.  
The week of Jun 21-25 is trending DRY & HOT.  By Tue or Wed, temps may top the hottest of 2021 thus far for many west side locations.  Patrons in NW WA & southern BC will likely get in the summer heat mode, as well.  The only cooling possible depends on whether or not an onshore breezy picks up enough to push some marine air into west side valley locations.  Even then, it will probably remain too hot for Patrons that don’t like mid-to-upper 80s temps.  A major heat wave will grip UT & desert SW states.  
Weekend of Jun 26,27: while a long-way out on the charts, Sat is trending HOT, with temps possibly topping triple digits in the southern Willamette Valley, Roseburg, Medford areas.  Sunday could be - finally - the start of a period of COOL DOWN, with cooler air aloft drifting over the PNW;  resulting showers for both sides of the Cascades during the last week of Jun 2021.  
“You are getting old if it takes you longer to rest than it did to get tired.”  
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