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Monday October 3
That word is DRY.  At least your morn’n Mug is wet.
For the first half of October 2022, DRY is likely the word for weather conditions around the PNW & California.  Model solutions have been drifting away from rain returning by the 14th; rain may be held off through the weekend of Oct 15,16.  Geez.  There are a couple of model runs that begin a stormy period to the region after the 15th, one of which could be quite windy, esp over southern BC & NW WA on the 18th.  We’ll see about that.
For the next week or so, onshore breezes will be limited to late afternoon, so expect a bit of fog to burn off slowly, yielding to sunshine in the afternoons; temperatures will be mild.  October harvests should proceed without moisture or frost issues, although overnight lows may dip into the upper 30s east of the Cascades around Wed/Thu Oct 12,13, as a Canadian High drops south.  That High could trigger WINDY conditions in southeast OR and CA.
Bland is another word to describe our weather for the next couple of weeks.   
“You can no more blame circumstances for your character than the mirror for your appearance."
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