The Big Block

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Friday October 7
Fog and sunshine.  That’s about it for the next two weeks.  But, since you have a refilled Mug ready, we’ll go ahead with a few additional details.  
Yep, for many Patrons around the PNW, “foggy bottoms” will continue to greet you each morning, Mug in hand.  In some locations, the fog burns off early, so afternoon temps are pushing near or into the 80s; for many others, much cooler afternoons as that fog persists.  No change in the forecast is seen on the charts for the next 14 days.  The 'big block' is the reason.
A large, stationary High pressure ridge is BLOCKING any storms from their usual Fall track into the PNW from the Gulf of Alaska.  Surface Lows are, indeed, out there, but they are literally moving in circles, unable to track east.  There will be a slight adjustment Monday & Tuesday next week.  A Low will drop south out of the Yukon & Northwest Territories into MT, which may, just possibly, create enough pressure difference across the PNW to blow out the fog and let in more direct surface sunlight.  After that?  Bummer - bland, foggy bottom conditions will return to the region for another 10 days or longer.  Yikes.
Will October 2022 be one of the driest on record?  Too early for such a proclamation, although it will be close if the 'big block' is not removed.  It will be a long wait for Rain Watchers.  We must remain positive.
“Few cases of eyestrain have been developed by looking on the bright side of things."
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