Warmth Will Return

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Monday October 10
To start this week, the region will experience a brief break from the unusually warm October weather, before the dominate blocking pattern returns, along with morning fog.  Will rain ever arrive?  Let’s see what the charts reveal.
A cold front will rapidly drift over western WA & BC today, ushering in cooler temps, some clouds and an outside chance for a shower, esp in the higher terrain of NW WA & BC.  Oregon will get that break from the morning fog; very limited precip, if any.  As the week moves forward, expect a return to above average temperatures (esp Wednesday the 12th) in just about every location.  Morning fog will also return this week.  
A dry, foggy bottom pattern will stretch through Thu Oct 20.  Then, beginning on Fri the 21st, the overall blocking pattern is modeled to change, finally.  While we are not placing bets on this yet, we do see the High pressure ridge shifting west, opening the door for cold fronts to move “down” along the Alaskan Panhandle, coastal BC and into the PNW.  This will usher in the coldest air mass of the fall, with rain/showers, mountain SNOW and overnight lows - if the sky clears - teasing out the first frost of the fall by Thu Oct 27.   For the weekend of Oct 22,23 expect RAIN and wind.  Rainfall could be moderate-to-heavy.  Let’s hope this scenario develops.
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