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Monday March 13
Consecutive rain-free days?  Yep, just a few.  Looks like 3 or 4 are showing up on the charts.  Refill your Mug and let’s check the outlook together.
Wet most of today, then drying out this evening as the current front zooms its way east.  The good news is that, other than a few showers overnight Tue into early Wed (mainly over the Puget Sound), the region should dry out the rest of the week.  The system we saw on the charts for St Patrick’s Day essentially gets pushed into overnight Fri into Sat, with its main impact on northern CA and southern OR.  Showers expected this Sat around the PNW.  Again, no widespread rain to speak of from Tue through Fri.  Temps will remain on the cool side, making it harder to dry out the land, but at least we get a rain-break.
The big story this week will be yet another POWERFUL Pacific storm slamming into already drenched & damaged California.  The system will hit all of the state, but the heaviest rain (AND WIND!) will fall over the Bay area, south into LA & San Diego, as well as the Big Valley & Sierra Range.  Heavy rain over the southern portion of CA has the potential to wreak havoc.   The “top” edge of that same storm will clip NE OR and ID, mainly as a snow event.
Back to the PNW.  Sunday Mar 19 of the coming weekend looks dry, mild.  Rain returns the 1st day of Spring 2023.  Three cold fronts are modeled to pass during the week of Mar 20 - 24.  The chilly, windy systems should arrive every other day through the week, on into the last weekend of March.  Good snowpack.  Unfortunately, CA will be hammered again the first week of Spring.
An economist in Los Angeles recently completed writing a book titled "The Short Story of Money’’. The book contains only seven words.  "Here it is and there it goes."
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