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Friday January 6
Today we continue the admittedly weak metaphor of a String of Pearls for the multiple number of Pacific storms heading towards the west coast.  Unfortunately, models were correct about the serious impact of the storms, thus far, on California.  The Golden State is not out of the flooding/wind threat yet.  So, Mug up.  Here’s the update.
Strong storm approaching CA today, and to a lesser degree, the PNW.  This one does not have the super low barometric center pressure of the last system, but it is a powerful storm, nonetheless.  It will be very windy, with heavy rainfall, in CA; western OR could have wind gusts around 25 mph later this afternoon, with periods of rain.  Gusty east winds out of the Gorge will turn on again.  Coastal zones - CA, OR & WA - will have rough wave action.  (Sounds like a January forecast, right?)  
The wet & breezy pattern will continue on through the next week and until at least Jan 21st.  The models chart a slight shift of the “pearls” from northern CA up to the PNW after Fri the 13th.  In the meantime, expect each Pearl to be spaced out about 24-48 hrs apart.  CA will receive moderate-to-heavy rain from now until Tue; not as wet for OR/WA.  It will be breezy at times and esp windy in CA.
One benefit of the storms is that the snowpack in CA is now measured at 174% of normal for this time of year - great news for drought issues in the Golden State.  For the PNW, we may head into another chilly, winter pattern in the last half of January.  Not unusual to have a shift to cold late in the first month of the year.  Stay tuned.
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