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Monday January 9
Plenty of blustery weather ahead.  Sadly, serious flooding in CA will continue.  Let’s take a peek ahead.
Blustery winds today (Monday the 9th) as a small, tight Low drifts north along the OR coast up to Vancouver Island.  The larger west coast storm, though, is slamming all of California.  The next CA storm is right behind the current front, so no break in the action for Patrons down there, other than a few dry hours.  
For the PNW, Tue will be the DRIEST DAY of the week.  Don’t miss the break, as the rain & blustery conditions return on Wed.  In fact, Wed/Thu will be much wetter than the past few days, as the ‘January string of pearl' storms continues.  The next mostly dry day on the charts looks to be Sunday Jan 15th; there will still be a few widely scattered showers, with COOL temperatures.  
Next week, Jan 16-20 will present two moderate rain storms for the PNW; they could arrive Tue, Thu or Wed, Fri - depending on which model verifies.  CA will also get slammed yet again with 2 or 3 more very WET systems during that week, as well.  We see cooler conditions arriving mid-month, which will greatly aid in adding to our Cascade snowpack. 
Ponder Point: we will monitor the potential for the next 'Yukon Dome' to form, as there have been a few “hints" of a 1040+ mb high pressure ridge to forming later this month.  The first since our last cold outbreak.  Stay tuned.
<<  We look forward to greeting Patrons at the annual OVS Grower Meeting in Newberg on Tue, Jan 10.  Our presentation topic will be ‘Understanding Extreme Weather in the PNW'.  Mug Up! >>
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