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Friday the 13th
Dry summer days remain in our forecast.  Another heat wave pattern (90s) may rebuild later next week, so enjoy the 'cool-down' mentioned below.  Mug time.
The current Heat Wave will subside a bit as the weekend unfolds.  A shift in the wind pattern will push fire smoke away from western valleys, but still brown the sky to our east. Temps will drop into the not-so-hot zone, still summer warmth though, with NW breezes.  Onshore flow will weaken later next week, so temps are likely to rebound into the 90s in many west side locations. 
Looks fairly warm-to-hot from Mon Aug 23 through Wed that next week.  Model runs suggest another cooler, onshore flow may kick-back in by Thu Aug 26, setting up a pleasant final weekend of August (drizzle along the coast).  Charts shift the Summer Pacific High a bit farther west, setting up our beloved onshore flow 'air conditioning'.  We’ll see.
Generally, there are no long-range solutions that hint at notable precip through the rest of August.  Drought conditions are serious. We are all tired of fires, smoke & dust.
For those keeping track, our giant pumpkin project continues here at Mennonite Village, Albany.  “The Pumpkinator” (the winning name), is now 405 pounds.  
“Some things not worth saying are now put into songs.”   No, our forecasts are not to be sung!
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