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Monday July 10
Please excuse the missed update last Friday; we were assisting a dear friend with medical issues at OHSU for a couple of days.  So, let’s get to it this morning, shall we?  Mug time.
Cool onshore breeze will hold down temps for the first portion of this week, with a notable heat-up coming by the weekend.  Temps will climb into the upper 70s (Puget Sound region) to low 80s by Thu, with hotter temps due to arrive this weekend.  There will be an afternoon breeze each day - with Sunday & Monday looking quite windy in the afternoons, esp the Gorge.  Temps will top in the 90s in many locations.  Evapotranspiration will increase notably; water-up.
The week of July 17-21 is trending a tad cooler than the weekend, but it will be warmer than we have had the past few days.  Breezy afternoons continue, with temps in the 80s in most locations; warmer east side, per usual.
No rain on the charts, other than a couple weak systems that will bring cloudiness & showers to the Alaskan Panhandle and far north Vancouver Island (for those cruising).  Overall, a decent July pattern.
(Again, thanks for your understanding our absence last Friday as helping a friend took top priority.)
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