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Monday August 8
The final month of Summer is moving along just as fast as 2022 in general.  A few adjustments in the long-range forecast, which is why you grabbed that Mug and arrived here, right?
Hot today (90s; lower in the Puget Sound area), with cooler marine air seeping in as the week progresses.  The mid-level moisture (mentioned in our last report) training up from the south is tracking a bit farther west than expected, so a shower and/or thunderstorm is possible over western valleys, esp OR; WA could also gets a shot between now and Wed.  As the weekend approaches, temperatures will warm up a few degrees - which is a change - with dry conditions.  Still, temps should remain seasonal and not push into the 90s, excluding the usual hot spots in southern OR & east side.  
Next week is charting to be dry, with up & down afternoon temps.  Warmest days could be Wed & Thu Aug 17,18 - upper 80s for the Willamette Valley.  The weekend of Aug 20,21 is now looking warm vs cool in our last update.  Again, the outlook is not calling for 90+, just seasonal for Aug, as an onshore flow should hold western valley temps in the pleasant summer-warm mode.  Monsoonal moisture may train north along the eastern slopes of the Cascades, or SE OR & the potato lands of ID.  
Topical Tropical:  that time of year for tropical storm action.  After a quiet start because of a persistent Sahara Desert Dust layer, atmospherics in the Atlantic are changing slowly.  There are indications that the monsoons of western Africa are increasing, the waves of which set up the action necessary for Atlantic hurricane formation.  We see such a system that could, just maybe, begin to make news as it tracks towards the SE US coast by the weekend of Aug 20,21.  More info as warranted.
Finally, for the PNW, the week of Aug 22-26 is currently charting as seasonal, with temps in summer-mode and onshore breeze helping moderate afternoon highs.  Perfect, if that verifies.
‘Song of Summer’ reports from our Patrons are coming in from Spokane to Eugene.  The sound of cricket chirps for the Summer of 2022 are just getting started.  The first chirps here in south Albany were heard on Fri Aug 5.  Thanks!
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