The Song of Summer

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Friday August 5
A 'nine times ten' degree weekend in store for most of the PNW, with a relatively long stretch of pleasant temperatures to begin next week.  Refill that Mug.
The weekend will be a bit too warm for many, as temps should top out in the low-to-mid 90s.  Monday is also on tap for 90+, as well.  (It will be a few degrees cooler in the north Puget Sound region, per usual.)  Good news, is on the charts for Tue Aug 9 on through the weekend of Aug 13,14 as cooler temperatures will begin.  In fact, by next weekend, it could be slightly below normal for high temps around the PNW.  In the meantime, expect temps to slowly cool each day after Monday the 8th.  Some moisture may ride up with a SW flow aloft over the eastern basins next week, so expect a shower or boomer to develop mid-week.
As stated, the second weekend of Aug looks on the cooler side of summer, with onshore breeze tapping down temps from the coast to the western slopes of the Cascades.  Cooler east side by Thu.  The week of Aug 15-19 is trending on the mild side, with afternoon temps rising a bit from the previous weekend, currently charting to top out in the low-mid 80s west side.  Given the potential flow aloft that week, regional humidity will likely be higher than normal for August.  We’ll see.
Early yet, but the weekend of Aug 20,21 is charting below normal for temps, as an onshore flow continues to dominate our wx pattern.
The Song of Summer.  It's being reported by Patrons that the annual "Song of Summer” is just starting in various locations from Salem north (your host, an Entomologist by profession, has written about listening for these classic Chirps of Nature for over 25 yrs).  Western field crickets are beginning their summer song, which typically starts across western OR & WA around Aug 6-10, depending on the overall wx pattern beforehand.  Once their chirps get going, the Song of Summer will last well into the frosts of Fall.  The fun part is listening in the evening for when that Song begins in your area.  Adults & children enjoy this annual exercise. Report your findings, please. 
Mug up & listen.
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