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Monday August 1
The new month will present cooler temps to start, with the first couple of weekends being the warmest.  Here’s the latest outlook.
Onshore flow this week will tap temperatures down into a more pleasant range (70s-80s west side).  The Puget Sound area will cool down even more mid-week, as a weak Low pressure trough glances the area.  Don’t put the sunshade & sunscreen away, as more summer temps should arrive on the weekends.
By Aug 6 & 7, temperatures will pop back up again, with western valley in OR teasing out the upper 80s to lower 90s on Sunday Aug 7; warmer, too, for NW WA & Vancouver Is., as well.  For next week, the 8th - 12th, model solutions have presented two different scenarios - one with warm-to-hot temps, the other with mild onshore-flow temps.  For now, let’s split the difference and call for continued dry, pleasant-to-warm afternoons with a NW breeze that will decrease by Fri Aug 12.
The second weekend of Aug looks to be ‘summer-warm', turning a bit cooler on Mon Aug 15 as that next week begins.  
Broadly speaking, models indicate an onshore flow pattern in place the next two work weeks, bracketed by ‘summer-warm' weekends.  The eastern regions of WA & OR will run a bit warmer, per normal.  (FYI: around The WxCafé™️ counter, ‘summer-warm’ is defined as temps in the mid-to-upper 80s.)
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