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Friday July 29
Records could be broken this weekend.  Mug up for details.
The current heat wave, while not necessarily reaching record high temperatures, could extend an extra day (Sunday) to meet or break locational records for the number of consecutive days at or above 90 degrees.  Local wx teams will be detailing this over the weekend.  For now, we do see a cool down on Monday lasting on into the middle of next week, as the onshore flow will increase - the “on” switch for our PNW natural air conditioner.  Eastern basins will remain hot a day or two longer.
As next week nears an end, temps will pop up a few degrees, quite possibly back into the 90s, esp for OR & east side as the first weekend of August gets underway.  This time, another variable will be added to the hot conditions - THUNDERSTORMS.  
For the week of Aug 8 - 11, models indicate the monsoonal storms of the desert southwest will ride up along the eastern slopes of the Sierra and Cascade ranges, ushering in afternoon & evening thunderstorms, some of which could produce rain/showers that may drift over portions of the west side.  Monsoonal moisture could migrate north into WA, so we’ll keep a watch on this.  MUGGY conditions will make for rather uncomfortable outdoor activities.  
Overall, for the next couple of weeks, HOT turns cooler, then warming up again, with increased humidity and mountain (and valley?) storms as August shifts into gear.  Stop by again Mon Aug 1st for another peek ahead.  
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