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Monday July 25
Toasty week ahead, although the heat wave duration may be shorter & max temps a bit lower.  Let’s review the latest.  Refill time.
All are aware of the heat wave across the PNW this week.  What has changed since our last report is that the upper-level air flow may train SMOKE from the California fires over portions of OR, tapping down maximum temps a bit on Tue and Wed, although Tue could end up being hottest day of the week.  The other change is the projected strength of onshore flow by this coming weekend, which may be strong enough to push high temps down into the ‘air conditioned’ zone; especially Sunday.  All-in-all, still a toasty week ahead, so water-up.  Temps in the 90 to mid-90s remain in play, just not a run of triple-digit readings.  If no smoke, a 100+ reading remains probable.
As noted, cooler weather is on the charts beginning Sunday, with a weak trough dropping down from the NW, ushering in cool, marine air.  Breezy afternoons.  Temps by later next week - as August gets underway - may actually run a tad below normal, if recent model adjustments verify.   The weekend of Aug 6,7 is trending warm, seasonal.  
The second full week of Aug is charting to start out a bit cool, then warm-up into the 80s & 90s by mid-week.  
Bottom line: overall temps this week should trend a few degrees lower than expected, and a cooler pattern may return by Sunday.
“Why not? I had a better year than he did.”  -George Herman ‘Babe' Ruth - a depression era remark to a reporter who had objected to Ruth’s demanding $80,000 for the 1931 season, $5,000 more than Pres. Herbert Hoover’s salary.
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