Offshore Splits

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Friday March 25
The wide variation in wx model projections we have experienced of late continues.  Today’s update presents changes - favorable for OR, especially for agriculture; not so much so for NW WA and BC.  Mug refill. 
First, the two systems we discussed for this weekend are going to split far apart offshore.  One will bring back showers - starting tonight - to areas around the Puget Sound, maybe as far south as Chehalis through Sat; the other, much larger system, will drop far to the south to bring rain for CA by Sunday.  Oregon & SW WA Patrons are likely to be granted a decent final weekend in March.  Saturday should be pleasant, with the chance for a Cascade slope shower or thunderstorm on Sunday, as the big Low moves along central CA coast.  Temperatures will be comfortable.
Another weak disturbance may bring clouds & a few showers over the Puget Sound, north on Wed; other than that, next week is looking dry until Fri for much of the PNW.  The rain charted earlier is gone.  The system that may develop on April Fool’s Day should be short-lived, opening the door for a decent, mild temperature 1st weekend of April.  Sunday April 3 could be absolutely PNW delightful.  Systems split well-offshore, leaving the PNW under a mild ridge of high pressure, west of those split Lows.
The week of Apr 4-8 is trending as mostly WET, with a series of systems (wetter the farther north one goes from OR into BC).  Hard to trust this extended-range outlook, as model projections showing the wet periods have been wrong more often than right.  Good reason to keep that Mug handy for these discussions on Mondays and Fridays.
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