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Friday February 23
Around the PNW, folks are focused on the chance for low elevation snow next week.  That focus has merit.  Mug up & read.
Today will be spring-like, as will tomorrow, although it will cool off a tad, esp over the Puget Sound.  Enjoy the next 24-48 hrs.  Cold, wet wx is coming.  The cold air mass is still targeting the PNW for early next week, but the Low pressure center is now modeled to track a bit farther north over southern BC, which could drive the coldest air farther north early next week.  HOWEVER, we do see quite chilly temperatures and definitely a rain/snow mix at the surface - if not all snow at times - for many locations west of the Cascades.  Above 500 to 1,000 feet, plenty of The White is probable.  (Lots of areas around the region above 500 ft.)  The warm ground will melt any snow quickly, unless a heavy snow band passes overhead to whiten the grass, etc.  We’ll see.  
Rain and lowering snow levels will push onshore late Saturday (NW WA, Vancouver Is., etc) into Sunday (SW WA & western OR).  By late Sunday night, temps will drop quickly, so don’t be surprised to see snow or snow/rain mix if you are out & about after sunset Sunday.  Monday Feb 26 looks showery with snow showers and/or rain/snow mixed at the surface.  Mountain snow fall will be HEAVY throughout the period, so travel prepared for safety.
Model solutions for mid-to-late next week are trending toward continued chilly temps, with two or three cold fronts passing by.  Southerly winds will hold snow levels “up” off the valley floor.  We could get a decent WIND event overnight Wed or Thu morning, with surface rain and rain/snow mixed at times until Saturday March 2.  Cold air may again settle in after the Fri night (Mar 1) storm, ushering in showers of snow or rain/snow mixed for BC, WA & OR. Snow east side and over ID.  Frosty morning possible Sunday Mar 3.
The first full week of March 2024 looks quite chilly and WET.  On/off rain bands are charting for the whole week.  Intense showers, maybe small hail, as the air mass overhead will be cold, and sun breaks will cause ‘lift’ to set off heavy showers.  Typical early March pattern for the great PNW.
Bottom line:  current mild temps will yield to colder, wetter conditions for several days.  Low snow levels will generate plenty of informal conversations amongst residents of the PNW.  Bundle up and keep that Mug hot.
“Rough paths often lead to desirable destinations."
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