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Friday December 30
Time for our last sip of morn’n beverage together in 2022.  Mug up!
The wx pattern to start the New Year will be ’standard fare’ for the PNW in the winter: a mix of rain, breezes, clouds and, yes, a bit of sunshine.  Overall, we can expect rain and/or showers for a day or so separated by dry conditions.  Cloud cover on the dry time could limit the number of decent sunny days for the next 2 weeks.  
For the holiday weekend, the rain/showers for today (Fri) will diminish as we head into Saturday.  Most of both Sat & Sunday should be dry.  Temperatures mild.  As the first week of the New Year gets underway, it should remain dry until early Tue, when a slight threat for showers (mostly over western OR) may dampen activities.  
The entire west coast, from southern Alaska to northern Baja, will experience an on/off wet cycle for the January 3rd through 15th period.  Systems will arrive like clockwork every 24-36 hrs, dry in between.  Note: California will receive most of the moderate-to-heavy periods of rain (WINDY, too!) from each of the January storms.  Similarly, temperatures will continue mild for a winter month.
We will post a brief update on New Year’s Day.  Happy Twenty Twenty Three.
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